Tuesday, 11 January 2011

What am I meant to say in a blog?

My friend Kit messaged me yesterday asking if I'd read her journey to becoming a Christian because she was blogging. She thought it was a good idea to keep reminders of what God's doing in her life. I guess I think its a brilliant idea to do. In hindsight, I know how inconsistent I am with things like this, sticking it out for a while before completely forgetting. I am also aware that I could bore the world's population to tears because I ramble so much and over-analyse everything!
So what is someone meant to say in their first blog? Just start from today as if everyone reading knows about my life, or create a whistle-stop-tour through the life of Abi up until this point?

I guess....so today was ok I guess.
The school we work in on tuesdays and fridays has got a new headteacher, after being put on special measures by Ofsted last year. I felt like I was back in school walking through the gate past the new headteacher with fear of being stopped. Well anyway, school work went swimmingly.
We found out today that the guy on our team...lets call him...Mike! is getting asked to leave the course. Our interviews to be on this gap year doing this work were intense and needed really honesty. And actually, I'm not sure what he said or didnt say, but he is no position to be helping young people as its required. He really needs some help of his own. Self-Esteem, Bitterness, Relecutance to forgive, Dysbraxia and such. I'm not gonna lie...what a relief to hear he's not gonna be here much longer, and he's not gonna be coming to Ghana with us next month. I dont think anyone outside of our team of me and three girls understands why we'd be so relieved when its been like babysitting someone for the last three months as well as trying to do youth work.
As selfish as it sounds, I'm terrfied of the aftermath of him leaving. Of having to see him after he's been told and act like I only just found out. Of dealing with all the other students asking questions. Of not feeling sad to see him go.

Even though the last few months have been a struggle with him, God's certainly taught me patience beyond my imagination and better ways of communicating to people. And I'm thankful for that.

God is good! All the time!
God bless bloggers!! <3

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