Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Confrontation and Forgiveness

 On what grounds can a friend demand to know information about my life that I'm uncomfortable sharing? To what extent are boyfriends allowed to be involved in friend/sibling confrontation? Is it right to dig your heels in if you think your right, even though Jesus taught to forgive your brother and sister in Christ, and to never go to rest or enter a house of worship without resolving dispute? I'm learning consistently that forgiving someone means you forget their wrongs. To bring up a past wrong in a new argument is not forgivness- its resentment and bitterness. I'm also learning that you can forgive someone and still learn from it, so that it wont happen again.

And within all of this, I am thankful that Jesus set the perfect example of forgiveness. That Papa forgives me all the time. That because He forgives me, I can forgive others. And that Jesus loves me so much He'd never leave me stuck in my ways but continue to mould me to handle things more like He does.

God is good. All the time! <3

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