Thursday, 27 January 2011

God's Sovereignity

I just had the worst piece of news I've had since....May 2010. And in the midst of all my tears, all I can think is that my God is Sovereign. mY friend has been given a life sentence- a cancer the doctors can do nothing for. 18 months left. And I feel like more of a mess than I thought I'd be. And even though, I'm sitting here a crumpled devastated mess, my God is Sovereign. My God is Sovereign.

Its a hard truth to accept sometimes that God gives and takes life, but the older I've got, I'va actually come to accept that its never been my right to choose when someone lives or dies, and actually I believe in a God thats good, a God who knows whats best for us...and if thats His timing, then so be it. Even if it hurts unbearably for those left behind.

And my prayer in this situation, is that not only my friend will find God in the midst in his pain, but also that those close to Him would draw close to Papa so He can heal their hurt with His love. Because Papa is Sovereign over all.

God is good. All the time.
God bless. x

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